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                A Drop of Water Reflecting our delicacy management

                Fujian Baichuan Resources Recycling Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (stock code: 835634) is a professional manufacturer of recycled textiles, using six post-consumer water bottles to produce an umbrella cloth. The company has always adhered to the concept of "low carbon, environmental protection, resource regeneration", has long been committed to the research and development of waste resources recovery and recycling technology.With the production capacity of the whole industrial chain from bottle cleaning, spinning, and then to weaving (annual output of 50, 000 tons of ultra-clean fine recovery bottle cleaning and intelligent separation production line, annual output of 30, 000 tons dry coloring spinning production line, annual output of 40 million meters recycled fabric, annual output 200 million meters regenerated zipper). Rich industrial technical experience has been accumulated in the stable and sustainable production of regenerated colored polyester filaments. We have achieved a number of independent intellectual property rights and invention achievements, mastered a large number of advanced technology , and have grown into a leader in technological innovation in the industry. It has obtained high-tech enterprises, pilot enterprises for ecological (green) design of industrial products, backbone enterprises for strategic emerging industries in Fujian Province, innovative enterprises in Fujian Province, engineering and technology research centers for renewable polyester filament enterprises in Fujian Province, and material suppliers from the Forest Command of the Armed Police. Quanzhou new materials industry leading enterprises and other honors and qualifications. We are the main drafting unit of the product standard of "regenerated colored polyester Non-intermingle yarn" in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

                In addition, the product performance of not fade, no color shift, environmental protection and low toxicity comply with European Union ROHS, EN71, REACH standard, and pass the Chinese environment mark product certification, ISO9001, ISO14001 certification. So the products are popular among the masses of customers at home and abroad.

                In the future, Baichuan will continue adhering to the "integrity, pragmatic, dedication, innovation" spirit, provide service of first-class quality, first-class reputation. We will try our best to achieve a win-win situation!




                our first factory was established
                we created the first piece of Oxford fabric that does not require dyeing and does not fade in colour in China


                The renewable filments project was approved for testing
                Obtained the certificate of High Technology Enterprise


                Renewable filaments in trail production


                Renewable filaments successfully produced


                Tsing capital Investment Bank invested in the renewable polyester filament yarn project


                Our second factory was established


                Become a contractor for IKEA
                The zipper project was initiated


                Our company was registed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations list


                The “colorful yarn super market” project was selected into system of green production established by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China.


                The “colorful yarn super market” project was initiated


                AND HONOURS


                January 2016, awarded the title of Innovative Company in Fujian Province by Department of Science and Technology, Fujian province
                February 2016, Baichuan polyester cloth and polyester fibre were awarded the title of Famous Product in Fujian Province
                February 2016, listed as Ecological and Green Industry Trail Company by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China
                March 2016, awarded the title of Fast Growing Company by Economic Commission in Fujian Province 
                March 2016, awarded the title of the Best Company in Social Contribution in the Twelfth-Five Year National Development Plan by China Chemical Fibre Association 
                June 2016, recognised as the Research Centre for filaments Polyester Regeneration Technology in Fujian Province by Department of Science and Technology, Fujian Province
                July 2016, awarded the title of Leading Company for New Material in Quanzhou City




                Shaping the international recycling free printing and dyeing environmental zipper brand

                The market does not wait for me, the opportunity only seize the day. In order to change the strain, with the new innovation,
                Baichuan will gather all resources, with the name of "BCR" to create an international environmental zipper brand, one step ahead take advantage.
                With the goal of "building an international, renewable, dyeing-free, environment-friendly zipper brand", Baichuan will accelerate from four aspects,
                including height, breadth, speed and strength, to facilitate the smooth realization of the strategic goal.

                Heigh Breadth Speed Strength
                Maintain innovation advantages Rich product categories Improve management Strengthen brand communication
                Keep on Innovative physical recovery
                Dyeing-free Production technology
                Always leading the industry development direction
                Take resource regeneration and sustainable development as product positioning, accelerate new product research and development, and continue to launch more products to meet customer needs Implement the "five-level operation and management system" to push the brand towards a higher position, better efficiency and faster pace in the direction of progress Increase brand communication, through exhibitions, trade associations, media communication and other channels, building brand awareness, while enhance brand reputation.

                Ten thousand miles pass from the beginning, the wind and waves through the right time. Facing the brand dream that becomes clear gradually,
                Baichuan looks forward to succeeding with all employees and partners, moving forward courageously and surpassing itself!


                WORDS FROM

                Always bear a kind heart for reusing
                and recycling things profits come
                from kindness

                Everything in this world serves its purpose. For example, tree leaves fall down to the earth and the roots absorb their nutrition. This is a natural law, that all life cycles have no beginning nor end. This is the reason that food chains sustain themselves and all the creatures of the earth coexist in harmony and reproduce healthily.

                In an era of fast industrialization and urbanization, human beings utilize their intelligence to challenge the natural laws that have been established for millions of years. They have created miracles in production and prosperous economies. This development inertia is accelerating and cannot be stopped or changed.

                Under such a rocketing development, what we can do is learn and to understand the natural law that all life cycles have no beginning nor end. In our company, we consider the full life cycle of any industrial product, from its birth to its death. To understand and integrate this natural law will be a challenge for all human beings in future.

                —— PRESIDENT: FEIPENG ZHANG

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