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                A CULTURE
                OF STAMPS

                Baichuan, literally means a hundred rivers.
                A hundred rivers will eventually form a sea.

                We use a Chinese traditional stamp as our commercial logo. In Chinese culture a stamp means integrity. The logo reminds us that integrity is the most important character for a company to have.

                In the stamp, there is a mirrored Chinese character “sea”. This is to remind us to be as deep and strong as the sea, and also to be as modest as the sea. Only in this way we can prosper.

                Additionally, one stamp is unique for one company. This is to remind us that we have one clear focus in our production and we will never give up on our goal.

                CORE VALUES

                Carefully thinking: Following logic, following clear methodology, and executing with care.
                Be respectful to others: Restrain ourselves from our hearts desire. Improve ourselves.
                Client orientation: Serving the clients is our aim. We will keep producing good products and adding values to our products.
                Loving our job: Devoting ourselves to our work and pursuing the best.
                Team work: Sacrifice individual profit for the collective profit. Sacrifice partial profit for the general profit.
                Welcome change: Pursuing change actively and be brave to create new ideas.



                Cherish Talented Minds Create Environmentally Friendly Products Serve the Wider Society

                Cherish Talented Minds
                No matter where you studied or where your career started, as long as you are eager to learn and have a desire to improve. We cherish your motivation and initiative.

                Create Environmentally Friendly Products
                “Low-carbon, environmentally friendly and resource regeneration” is always our high standard for our research and development of products. We set our goal to be an environmentally friendly company, so that our products will benefit society, environment, producers and clients.

                Serve the Wider Society
                People are the foundation of a country. If people are competitive strong, the country will be prosperous. People are the basis of a company. If the company is strong, the country is rich. We will serve society by offering job opportunities, promoting common prosperity and enhancing productivity in the industry. We will also do our best in participating in programs for public good.



                Our“hundred rivers”will form a sea. Becoming a century-old company.

                Our “Hundred Rivers” Becoming a Sea
                A hundred brooks will trickle into a river. A hundred rivers will rush into a sea. A big tree has its roots in rich soil. A tall building has its foundations in firm ground.

                Becoming a century-old company
                Baichuan is a tree. It is quiet, facing the sun and tranquil keep quiet, facing the sun and peacefully. Even if there are strong winds blowing from all directions, the tree is still strong and tenacious.


                IN FOUR SEASONS

                Baichuan in Four Seasons
                A showcase of our team activity

                The reason for safe production
                The season for skill in production
                The season for enhancing a healthy life style
                The season for promoting Baichuan culture


                Five Tier

                Five Tier Management Structure
                Laying the foundations to fulfil our century-old company goal

                From past experience we have refined our management structure to have five tiers----Its concise but practical

                About Us

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